Over a month...

Wow, how time flies!!!! I kept meaning to blog and just never got around to it. Then I had a sweet friend remind that it was time to blog...thanks Christi! It's been a pretty busy end of summer. We've had birthday parties, garage sales, shopping, family visiting from out of town, and interviews. I'll try to recap very briefly...

This is Emily with our friends Lindsey and Holly at John's birthday party. She loved being on the 4 wheeler! I think we are going to have to be calling Uncle Boo to see about getting us one soon! It was so much fun riding with everyone! Steve even rode a dirt bike for the first time - I think he is addicted now!

My grandaddy celebrated his 86th birthday a few weeks ago, so my aunt was in town for it. Emily had her first big girl hair cut while Bonnie Jo was in town. I will have to post pictures of all that fun later - I was not thinking and left my camera at home so I had to buy a disposable camera and I haven't had it developed yet. I know, I know, I should receive the worst mom of the month award for forgetting it on such an important day!

And yes, I am the one that went on the interview. I had really been praying that God would just drop some amazing job in my lap - and He did!!!! On October 15th, I will be the new Business Manager at Rezult-IT, Inc. I'm very excited!

Well, hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to blog more! Sorry for the lapse in blogging! I'll leave you with a picture of Emily in her swimmies at Me-maw's pool!