Picture Day...

Do you remember how excited you were when you were a kid and you got to dress up for Picture Day? Or am I the only one vain enough to enjoy getting my picture made? Today was Picture Day for Emily and she was SO excited!!! I had picked out a dress and hat for her to wear, but since she is miss Rock Star she wanted to pick something else out. She wanted to wear a skirt with her new tank tops we bought a couple weeks ago. She looked too cute this morning - so I just had to share!

Here's the funniest picture of her to date!

This is the pose she gave me when I put the camera up to my face to take the picture!!!! I love the hip action she's got going on! But I think I'm going to have to talk to her about the air pit pose! Perez Hilton is always making fun of the celebrities who pose like that - and you know we can't be having Emily on the Queen of all Media's website one day and have him drawing all over her picture because she posed with her arm pit out! Sorry, Perez is one of my guilty pleasures...I know that ruins the image I have out there in the blogger world! :)

On a side note, though, I really do think Steve and I are going to have our hands full when she gets a little older. Normally, when you ask a child what he/she wants to be when they grow up, you get a doctor, a vet, or maybe even president. Not our daughter! No, we are so proud when she blurts out "A ROCKSTAR" with a sincere certainty!

Now Introducing...

I'm sure everyone was beginning to question whether we had really had our house painted! Sorry it has taken so long, a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks since I last blogged. Nothing major, just a raise, lots of get togethers with friends, oh yeah, and a new job for Steve. I will save that for a different blog - wouldn't want the house to get it's feelings hurt by Steve stealing it's thunder! (Yes, I was one of those children that thought their dolls had feelings, and if I got a new doll, I had to sleep with all of them so no one's feelings would be hurt) I guess I had the signs of Co-dependancy pretty early in life!!!

Here are the long awaited pictures:
This is looking from the Kitchen to the Living Room. You can't really tell the color very well. The wall with the window and the wall going up the stairs is brown. The rest of the walls in the Living Room are a deep red. Which you can see in this picture:

The picture shows it a little bighter than what it really is. And yes, that is Steve doing his favorite pass time - VACUUMING! And this is this morning before we left for work!

This is a picture of our kitchen. I actually painted it a couple of summers ago. I just thought everyone would like to see the color of our kitchen. By the way, if you ever decide to sponge paint a room - think REALLY hard before you do it!!!! It was a pain in the you know what! Now on to Steve's favorite room - The Man Room as he likes to call it. Our deal when we moved into the house was the Bonus Room could be his to decorate. I got all the other rooms. Which means I got to decorate the entire house however I wanted and he had no say so. So, he got to pick the Bonus Room color out. I was really nervous at first because it was really dark - but I absolutely LOVE it! It makes me crave chocolate though, so I don't know if that's good or not.

Notice the missing couch? Lindsey and John came and got the old couch to make room for the new one. YAY!!!! It's comes today, I will definitely be taking some pictures of it and blogging about how comfy it is!

Of course when we made the decorating deal, we didn't realize Emily would have the last say in all the decorating!!! This is her corner of the Bonus Room. She loves sitting at her table and putting puzzles together or playing Candyland!

Now for my favorite room! This is our spare bedroom and we had it painted Tiffany & Co. Blue. I took my Tiffany box in and they scanned it and matched it up. It looks perfect!!!

Now, can someone please let my husband know we have the nursery pretty much ready to go - all we need is a baby!?!?!?

Okay, here's the deal - I would love to hear feed back from you on what you think! But only if you're nice about it. Steve and I know these colors are dark and probably won't help when we go to sell the house. Remember, I was in real estate at one time, so I know the game. But Steve and I decided we would paint the colors we liked since we are the ones living here right now with no immediate plans to move. So, if the time comes, we will hire sweet Bobby again and have him neutralize the colors. I'm interested to see what everyone thinks!


Lots of changes happening...

For the last week, the Barrios household has been in complete disarray (I think that's how you spell it...) Steve, Emily, and I have basically been living in our bedrooms for the past 6 days. We had a sweet friend paint our house this past week! We've been dying to get our walls painted since we moved in, yet just now got around to getting it done. It looks FABULOUS!!!! I meant to get before and after pictures, but it didn't happen. I know, I know bad blogger of the year award will be awarded to me very shortly. Not only did we paint this past week. Did I really just say "we painted", I'm sorry, I meant to say we had someone do the dirty work for us! Let me start over again...Not only did sweet Bobby paint for us this past week, we also bought a new couch for our Bonus Room!!!! Anyone that has been to our house and tried to watch a movie or hang out in our Bonus Room knows how much we needed more seating and how much we needed to get rid of what Steve likes to call the COUCH OF DEATH! So here's a picture of our new couch. We also bought a leather ottoman that has storage in it. It all should be here in a couple of weeks. WE CAN'T WAIT!!! I will update later with pictures of the pretty walls in our house!