Things, they are a changing...

As you have probably noticed, I have started having a slight obsession with furniture refurbishing and thrifting/yard saleing for cute inexpensive decorating stuff.
It's pretty amazing what I have been able to find for CHEAP!!
I also have become obsessed with, well more like addicted to, searching the wonderful world of blogs for inspiration.
I've been talking about changing pretty much every room in our house for a while now. And I finally got the answer from Steve that I wanted when I asked if I could redo something!!! Which is surprising because when I ask him that, all he sees is $$$$$, which I don't blame him. He told me I could start with our Bedroom and Bathroom.
Anyway, back to the reason for this update...sorry I'm a little giddy right now with all the ideas going through my head.
Okay, I wanted to share some bedroom inspiration that I have been collecting. And I'll give you updates as our boudoir comes together.
Now that Steve is home more, our room is off limits to the girls. No toys laying around, not watching tv in our bed, etc. It's not that we don't want them in there, we just want a place that we can go to get away from the rest of the house and actually retreat from the day.
The only reason I chose to share that little bit of information is so you know why I'm looking at lighter bedding and some non-kid friendly ideas.
And, as a side note, as I was collecting the inspiration pics, I was not planning on putting them on the blog. So, I have NO clue where I got them from. Sorry if I stole your picture and didn't give you credit. Let me know if they are yours and I will add the credit where credit is due!


First Day of First Grade...

It's that time again!!! How did the summer go by SO fast!?!?!?!
Here's a few pictures of the first day of school.

(those are cookies in her hands for her teach and the principal - she is such a teacher's pet!)

Okay, I don't know what's going on with my camera. It is really blurry - guess I'll have to figure out what is happening.

Here's a picture of Elaina watching her sissy.

And here's what I got when I asked Emily to give a silly pose! What are we going to do with her!?!?!?


Wordless Wednesday...

Really missing my Puerto Rican friends!