Wordless Wednesday...

Guess where we're heading to????


Wordless Wednesday...

Happiest 5K....

That's how it was advertised and I have to agree!  I'm talking about the Color Run.  Holly and I ran it a while back, but never had the chance to update with pictures.

Holly and I had talked about signing up for it, but it actually sold out before we had the chance to sign up.  Then a friend let Holly take a place a couple weeks before.  And so I was totally bummed!  I wanted to run it and we both decided we don't like running with out each other.  Then the night before she and I were talking about some other friends that were supposed to run it.  The husband ended up coming down with a little bug.  So, at 10:00 the night before, I found out I had a spot!!!!

I was psyched, to say the least!

It was SO much fun!  It was an easy run, but man on man, getting color thrown at you is so much fun!

Holly and I ended up in a little bit of a color fight, but it was all in good fun!  Here's a few photos:


( Right after the color fight!)




Our newest member to the Barrios clan...


We started the whole elf on the shelf tradition this year.  Except, since we have girly girls, we did an elf fairy.  The girls love that she has wings and is a girl. 
Christmas Carol showed up with gifts and some fun breakfast...

Each of the girls received a card personally written to them from Christmas Carol and lots of other fun stuff, a new ornament, a game, and coloring placemats.  And of course, you can't forget the doughnuts for breakfast and Christmas Carol's favorite - white chocolate chips.  Lots of candy canes too!

And can you believe it, she even climbed into our closet and brought out my feathers for decorations!!

The girls have had so much fun with this!  And I love seeing their reaction every time she gets into something!  Here's a little sample of what all she's been doing:

(This is where we had the stockings hung and she switched it out for panties!)

(She had the light on was sunbathing in our sink)

I forgot to take pictures of the first few days, so there are some other things she's done as well!
Elaina has had a hard time with the whole no touch rule, but all in all this has been so much fun!