Our TV Star...

Here's a commercail that Steve's work did and Emily was able to debut as a TV Star! We have actually seen it on TV - she was so excited to see herself!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


I told you so...

See, I told you that I would blog again! So, for today's episode...

This is our dear friends, Danny and Michelle (and Cate). They are expecting their 3rd child at the end of the month. They already have Carah and Cate, and now they are expecting Caleb. We are so excited for them to finally have a little boy!!! Some of us ladies at the church decided to throw them a baby shower, since all they have is pink and I don't think little boys like wearing pink. It was a really great day and they got so much!

Here's a few pictures:

If you can't read what the onsie says, it is "Go Tigers". It's hard to believe that I like them even though they are Auburn fans. Come to think of it, this church has really broadened my friend base - I have so many friends that are Florida, Auburn, Kentucky and even Alabama fans! I have so many more pictures, so I will blog again soon!


We are alive...

in case you were wondering. It has been a crazy few weeks, which led to a crazy couple of months. There's so much to update you on, that it's going to take me a few blog post to completely update you.
Emily is as much of a stinker as before! She's getting so big! It doesn't seem possible - she is her own little person now. And she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it done!
Instead of saying every little detail - here's a few pictures of Halloween and on.
As you can tell Steve was the hit of Halloween. The Singles Group sponsored a trunk in our Trunk or Treat at church. Our Theme was Sports. It was so much fun - and I do believe we were the most photographed trunk thanks to Steve!!! No one could believe that he would be willing to embarrass him self like that - apparently no one know Steve!!! My favorite part of the night was being able to put make up on my husbands face! It's the small things in life that make me happy! :)

We had Thanksgiving lunch with my parents and my granddad at his retirement home. We didn't get a lot of pictures but this is one that I found.

Check back later for more - baby showers, Christmas cookie cooking, tree decorating and more!