1st Actual Day of Kindergarten...

Okay, so here's the pictures of Emily's 1st official day of Kindergarten. Steve and I took the day and had some MUCH needed relaxation & alone time! I think we are definitely going to have to make that a tradition here at the Barrios Household!
You guys should so. proud. of. us - not one single tear fell out of our eyes! Emily was so excited and we know how much she is going to LOVE school, so how could I be sad. But, I'm sure it will be a little different when Elaina goes to school, since she's the baby and it'll be my last one going to school.
Hope you enjoy the pics!


1st Day of Kindergarten...

It's been an eventful couple of weeks at the Barrios Household! Emily has started Kindergarten! I. can. not. believe. I. just. typed. those. AWFUL. words!!!! I was not ready!!!
She was so excited though, so how could I let my feelings rain on her parade! And I have to say, I have no clue how parents who do not have cool bosses like I do, make it through the first couple of weeks of school! We had a day of Assessment, then we had to go one morning to finish up registration, then we had to leave early one day to make it to Parent Night. And then of course we had to take a day off for the 1st official day of school!
And yes, I am one of those annoying (ugh!) parents that makes their child pose for pictures in their new clothes and with their new lunchbox & backpack. And of course I had to make her do it on both days - Assessment Day and 1st Official Day. But luckily God blessed me with a child that loves to pose for the camera!
(so if you don't want to see pics, better stop now)
Assessment Day:

Okay, so I was going to put the pictures from her 1st Official day on here too, but then I realized how psychotic I was with the camera and there are way too many pictures of both days to be in one post, so I will will be posting shortly about those.

And I have so much more to blog about so stay tuned!

I'm Back....

As you can tell from the updated format, I'm back in the game of blogging! I don't know if that's a good thing or not...I'm finding that having 2 kids (especially with one in school now), working full time, and trying to have some fun in the mean time is really wearing on the little bit of time I had for blogging! But I really do want to share what all is going on with us at the Barrios household, so I'm going to give it a try again.
So all this to say - be looking for more updates and sorry for not updating more often this summer!


Wordless Wednesday...

She's only 6 months old - why is she already standing on her own?
More posts coming....I promise!