Our Star...

Just a quick update. Emily is destined to be a celebrity! Here is an article in the Nashville Scene that features Emily's debut as a model! Hope you enjoy! http://www.nashvillescene.com/2008-08-21/restaurants/life-of-pie/


More Wedding Events....

See, I'm telling you I'm all out of wack! Here are some pictures from the rehearsal. We had gotten Emily a t-shirt that said Flower Girl in rhinestones. It amazes me how much a little sparkle on something makes her so happy!!
I think this is about the time Emily started falling in love with Grant!
I have more pix from the bachelorette party coming too!
I went to the doctor today and on Sept 11 we will have our ultrasound and hopefully will find out if it's a boy or girl! That is if the baby is cooperating - which hasn't happened everytime we've gone for the heartbeat! So, say some prayers for us! (not only that we find out the baby is healthy - but that our baby will cooperate during it's life!)


A little out of whack...

I have lots of things to update and lots of pictures, but I'm going to be doing it all out of whack. Sorry if it totally confuses anyone. I just want to make sure and post the important pictures first - those of Emily's first time being a flower girl! Many of you have been asking me to see pictures so here you go. As lots of you know, our sweet friends Sam and Holly got married this past week. Emily LOVES Sam & Holly, so when they asked her to be their flower girl, she couldn't say no. She was so excited to be part of their big day!! Especially since Holly bought her a special gift - her very own tiara! So, now she can definitely be a princess. Here's a few more of the big day: This is a picture of everyone getting their faces on for the wedding. It was so fun getting Emily all fixed up for the big occassion, although the poor child has her momma's hair and it would not hold a bit of curl. I guess I should say she has her momma's hair before ever giving birth to a child. Something happens to your hair when you become a mom - I think when you push the baby out, the baby is so mad it grabs all the silkiness in your hair and holds on tight and drags it out too! :) Here she is with her new boyfriend, Grant, about to walk down the aisle. She announced during the rehearsal dinner she had decided to break up with Staley (who apparently was her current boyfriend) and she was going to marry Grant. I don't think Grant was too keen on the idea because he just kept running from her. And here she is with her sweet daddy. He was a groomsmen, as if you couldn't tell from the tux and rose. The wedding was probably one of the first ones I've ever cried during, including mine. It was so great to see two people stand up there and announce to the world their undying love for each other!!! Congratulations Sam & Holly!


Back to Living...

Well, it seems most of my sickness has worn off. So, I'm back to blogging. I'm back to about 80% or 90% of what I normally at. There's still a few times during the day, where I just don't feel very good, but other than that I'm okay. So, my question for the day is this: What does a 4 year old put on to go see MeMaw & PePaw to go to the fair?

Her princess tiaras, her birthday girl sash, and her magic wand: of course!

I have lots more pictures and will try to update in the next few days. Hopefully, I will even have a belly shot, just so you can see how big I'm getting already! I don't know that I'm ready for this!