Wordless Wednesday...

I'm a little late on this, but I couldn't help but post this!

Just imagine what it's going to be like once hormones start coming in to play!! I think I'm going to need lots of prayer! Check out all the other pics from our photo shoot here: http://www.catchaglimpsephotography.com/blog/


Happy Easter...

Wordless Wednesday...

We are definitely in trouble when she gets older - look at the sassiness!
(By the way - Nikki and I made the tutu. So easy and fun - if you want one, just let me know and I'll make it for you!)


Leave a bib, a dog, and a 4 year old together...

and this is what you get...

Organization update...

Okay, so I've been able to get a lot accomplished on the organizing of it all. I have gone through all the scrapbook supplies and I have them organized, now I just have to find a desk and bookcase that Steve and I agree on. I've set up our card table, in the meantime, to be my desk. And it actually is making it so much easier to scrapbook! Here's some of the proof:
(don't know why it downloaded like this)

I did all of these in one night. Steve watched a movie, and Emily & I scrapbooked together. It worked so great! When I went through my scrapbooking stuff, I sat aside things I didn't think I would use and some of the pictures I didn't really want to scrap (some that were out of focus or I had doubles of). And I put together a basket for Emily, that way while I'm scrapping, she can scrap too.

This is scrapbooking area (of course not complete) as of right now:

It's still a little cluttered for my liking, but hopefully once I find a desk and bookcase, it'll look better.

This is what I accomplished in the Bonus Room closet:

Before I did this, our movies were a little bit of everywhere. Some downstairs, some in the closet, some sitting out. So, I have sorted between VHS, DVD and video games. And yes, they are all alphabetized.

And finally, this is the last thing I want to accomplish:

These are all of bills and things, in the bottom of the Bonus Room closet. I'm going to try to find a CHEAP bookcase and organize all of this. And then I should be done for a while! The flood of '09 has really made me realize how quickly all of this we think is so important can be taken away. I definitely feel very blessed with all that Steve and I have. Although, if all the "stuff" was taken away, I still know my God would provide for my needs!

Here's some websites that I check out every once in a while for organization ideas:





My new best friend...

This is my new best friend. I can program it to start brewing whenever I want. And this is why it's my new best friend: I have gotten so much accomplished the past few weeks! I have always drank a cup of coffee in the morning, but lately I've had several and then one in the afternoon. Wow, what an energy boost! I've been able to cook dinner, give the girl's their baths, spend some time with my husband, read a little, and even stay up late enough to get everything ready for the next morning's routine. How awesome is that!?!

Like Father, like daughter....

Okay, so I couldn't pass this up. When Steve got home last night, he was exhausted from working hard on month end at the dealership. So, I was reading a book and Elaina was asleep beside me on the bed. Steve laid down and was talking to me, then I looked over and this is the scene I saw.
I've always said Emily is so much like her daddy it's not funny. And now, it looks like Elaina is going to be taking after him as well. They looked so much alike laying there in the same positions - I couldn't have placed them any better than this! It put a huge smile on my face! I would be one lucky mommy if both my girls were just like their awesome daddy!

Wordless Wednesday...