Showers all around...

Our close friends, Sam and Holly are expecting their first little bundle of joy in just a few days.  So, of course I was all about showering her with gifts and a good time with her friends!

When Pinterest first was introduced to all of us "crafty" people, Holly saw the baby shower theme "She's about to Pop".  And even before Emma Rose was conceived, that's the shower she wanted!  And of course, having a theme totally excited me!

I wanted to do it a little different than the normal popcorn idea and Holly was getting her bedding custom made (by my most talented Mother in Law).  So, I used the colors from the bedding and brought the "Pop" in with the food, drinks, and party favors.

I loved how it turned out!!  These pics are from my phone, so not the best quality...but you get the idea...

This is what greeted everyone at the front door.  

The food table.  There was so much good food!

Ham & Swiss Poppyseed Sliders
Mushroom Pops
Popular Cheeseball & Crackers
Orzo Salad with Pops of Color
Fruit Pops
Chocolate Covered Popcorn

And my favorite:

Blow Pop Martini's and Wine Pop!


I loved getting all the decorations together!  All the colors were so fun! The invitations asked the ladies to bring a bow for Emma instead of a regular bow on the gifts.  We were able to use Emma's bow holder from her nursery to display all her new goodies!

There's nothing better than a monogram!

The fun party favor:  a mini bottle of bubbly for everyone to celebrate Emma's arrival!

Luckily one of our friends is an amazing baker! She made the cake to match the colors and added her monogram!

And the table with all the food:

I made us do one game.  Guess the size of the belly! We used balloons to keep with the whole "Pop" theme.  It was hilarious!

It wasn't really a game, but we had folks write notes for Holly to read during those late night diaper changes!

Emma got lots of cute things!

There were even some tears shed during the opening of gifts!

I was so glad to be able to shower Holly & Emma Rose with love!!!


Big New Adventure...

I have a big announcement to make!!  I'm so excited about this!! 

I'm officially a Mary Kay consultant!  

I have used their skincare and foundation. But, honestly, it had been a long time since I had used them. Now I'll be using all their products!

I have been using the skincare and foundation for three weeks now. And I cannot tell you how amazing my skin feels!

So, who wants me to come share these awesome products with them???



Okay, enough about Emily growing up! All that talk had me depressed!!

Now onto something exciting the girls were able to do....horse back riding!

A friend from church had asked Steve to help their son with baseball.  And of course Steve was all about it!!!  He definitely LOVES him some baseball...I think there's a possibility he has slept with his glove before, just so he could dream about baseball!

The trade off for helping their son is the girls can go horseback riding on our friend's horse.  They were SO excited!  In fact, Elaina woke up asking to go first thing that morning. It was hard for her to understand she had to go to school first!

And of course, Daddy did good and sent me a couple of pictures!

Don't they look adorable up there on that horse!!!  This might end up being some expensive baseball lessons that turn into the girls taking riding lessons!

And it's official...

She is all grown up and there's not one thing I can do about it!  She now has her ears pierced!  What's next!?!?!

She did great! Elaina, not so much.  I guess we'll wait until she's a little older.  At least I still have one baby left.  Well, maybe not a baby, but close enough!


Wordless Wednesday