Birthday Traditions...

We have several birthday traditions around casa de barrios, like celebrating for a week if you're name is Steve or Emily. But one of my FAVORITE traditions is having a cupcake for breakfast on your birthday. I think I'm a little selfish in starting this tradition - my favorite thing in the world is some birthday cake, so any reason to add more of it in my life the better!
We started this tradition with Emily's 1st birthday and we have carried it through to Elaina's 1st birthday! It's so funny looking at the pictures and realizing just how much they look alike!
We woke her up early on Saturday so Steve could see her eat her very first cupcake. She didn't know what to think, but she definitely got the hang of it by the end!
Enjoy the pics!
At least she's willing to share, right!?!

Snow Days...

if you live anywhere in the US, you know just how crazy this winter has been. I've lived in Tennessee all my live and honestly, I don't remember ever having this much snow!!! Emily hasn't been to school a full week since Christmas thanks to the snow...it's really getting a little old! And I don't think I've worked a full week (which is definitely not a good thing). In fact, the other night, Emily said she wanted to move to a place where it's warm all the time.
We have definitely had fun in the snow though. The first snow was a BIG snow. I think we had about 7 inches of snow outside our house. It was crazy!!! It started on Friday and I don't think it stopped coming down for a couple of days. Friday night we had Holly, Sam, Lindsay, and John come over to play in the snow. Holly & Sam packed up Bailey, the wonder dog, and just spent the night with us.
We had a BLAST!!!! Friday night we had the adult sledding time and to be honest I thought we were the biggest red necks ever!!! We took a knee board and tied a rope to the back of John's Jeep. It got even more red neck when we started blaring 70's rock music! I've never laughed so much!
Here's Steve! I was so nervous at first, but then as we went around, I realized how fun it was.

Here's Holly looking sexy! We wore the mask to try to keep the snow from pelting us in our faces - it was like a blizzard out there!

We made snow cream, drank coffee, and played Friends Scene It. It was a great snow night!!

The next day the girls got out into the snow and played. It was Elaina's first snow and she loved it! She just sat in the snow and laughed at it. It was so cold and I didn't have a hat that sat over her ears very good, so we didn't stay out too long. Emily did though, she even got to drive a 4 wheeler. She had a blast! They both slept from about 5:00 that night until the next morning because they were so pooped!

We thought this would be it for snow this year, but this was a few weeks ago and there is still snow on the ground. It's definitely an odd winter this year!


Elaina's 1st Birthday!!!!

I can't believe it has been a year already! So much has happened this past year and the time has passed away so quickly! We are truly blessed with 2 amazing daughters and Elaina has definitely been an absolute joy this past year!!!! It's so wonderful to start seeing her personality coming out now that she's getting older.
This past weekend we just HAD to celebrate the apple of our eye! And we did just that with an Apple of Our Eye Party. (Okay, so this is going to be a picture heavy post - so this is your official warning if you don't want to look at pictures leave now).
As most of you know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE planning parties!!! And honestly, I think that's on the top of the list called "What I love about being a Mom". I know, it's sad, but at least I'm being honest.
The whole apple theme came to me after looking at some party planning blogs. (do you see a recurring theme? I think Steve is going to hide my laptop so I will stop getting all these ideas off of other blogs!)
So, once I saw the theme, I was hooked. I loved it because it was a little different than what I had seen before. And to top it off, the color scheme matched the colors of my house. So, I was sold!
The search was on for the perfect invite - but after several days of searching I couldn't find the right one! UGH!!! SO ANNOYING!!! Do you ever have those moments when you have a certain idea in your head, but can't find ANYTHING to match that idea? I despise those moments!
Then Holly reminded me about Regina. She's the best photographer in the world and she also does graphic design. YAY!!! My problem was solved! She made me the most awesome invite!
And of course, now that I'm trying to find the picture of it, I can't seem to find it!! I will have to update later with it because it's too awesome to not share!
Okay, I know I'm boring you, so I'll get to the pictures.
This is a copy of one of the pictures our awesome photographer, Regina, took. See, I told you she was the best photographer in the world!

A close up of the mantel. A little later, I'll show you my Goodwill finds that I transformed for the party!

This is the party favor table. This was taken before I sat the candied apples & cake balls out.

This was after the candied apples & cake balls. The cake balls were incredible!!!!! My friend Kenya made them and the birthday cake! I have to say, I have some of the MOST talented friends!!!!

The drink station. We had water, apple juice boxes for the kids (although almost all of them were drank by adults), Paula Dean's lime sherbert punch, and hot apple cider.

The food table! Look at that cake!!! She is so creative!!!

And here's the birthday girl eating her cake!

She loves Kenya's cakes just as much as her mommy does! I always smile when I'm eating them too!

And last but not least, the birthday girl in her birthday outfit!

Another sweet, talented friend made this for her. And then she made Emily a pair of pants that match.

Over all, I think it was a very successful party. Maybe tomorrow I will post some pics of everyone enjoying the party. Now I'm off to go spend some time with my wonderful family! Hope you have a great night!

More Before & After...

Here's one more and then on to the big reveal of what I've really been working on all January.
I had seen on a blog (sorry I don't remember which one or I would link to it) an idea for a wreath. I've been wanting something new for my front door, but didn't want to spend a whole lot of change on it. So,this was perfect! It definitely was a tedious job, so this is not a project for an impatient person (just a warning if you are interested in doing this as well).
This is what I used:

I also took out my second favorite thing:

Yep, that's my wonderful hot glue gun! Although by the end of the project, I wasn't very happy with it because my finger tips were burnt to a crisp!

To start the wreath you take the floral foam wreath (I found mine at Hobby Lobby & then realized you can get them at the Dollar Store for cheaper - DANG IT!). You put a row of hot glue down & then add your beans. I used pinto beans, but you can really use anything you want - nuts, candy, etc. I tried to make mine go diagonal, which for the most part they did. Here's a picture of it towards the beginning:

This is what it looks like once you get all the beans on there:

Then you take your spray paint color of choice & spray paint it. I used Green Apple. Then you take a ribbon and use it to hang the wreath. Here's the completed wreath hanging:

Before & After...

it's been a while since I've blogged...no need to say it - LOTS OF STUFF GOING ON at the Barrios household in January! So, get ready for lots of updates! I want to start off with a new hobby I have - refurbishing furniture & other thrifty finds. I LOVE it!!!! I've been a follower of blogs that do the same thing for quite a while. But I never thought I could do it. But then my sweet friend Holly called me one Saturday and asked if I wanted to go to the flea market. And I jumped at the chance! I was SO excited!!! We looked around and all of a sudden - I found HER!!! My dream chair!! Although, I don't know that it looked much like a dream. This is what she looked like: So, is she calling your name too? I know she'll be calling your name when you see the after! In fact, she might be growling your name! Here's the after:

Okay, so here's all the details. It took me what felt like 3 years to take out 2 trillion rusty, old nails. It was actually about 3 hours to take out 200 rusty, old nails. My hands have still not forgiven me - I am in dire need of a manicure!

Once I had all the nails and old fabric off, I could trash the old straw that was used for the stuffing. How gross is that! No telling how much nastiness was in the straw!!

Then I did a little sanding, but not much since she was in such great shape. And finally it was time for my favorite thing in the world! SPRAY PAINT!!! Is there a such thing as being addicted to spray paint? Cause if so, I may need a support group! I used Heirloom White and it all down. Then I cut my fabric out and used a little batting as my cushion and she was ready to go.

I think I need a little more foam in the seat, but she'll do for now.

What do you think?

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