More beach stuff...

So, I hadn't added anymore pictures yet. I have a little break at work and thought I would add more...
This is one of our favorite places to eat...they have the best grouper sandwiches! It is packed everytime we go, but it is definitely worth the wait!

This is Emily showing me how she could go under the water! She has been a little hesitant with the pool until this trip! She would love to show people how "big" she is by going under. She met all kinds of friends around the pool, in fact one day she asked a man that was sitting near us reading a magazine if he was going to come into the pool and go swimming with her.

This is my sister and me after a morning at the spa! It was so nice to be able to go and relax with her. It's not very often that she and I get to do things like that! I love my sister more than she could ever know and love getting to spend the time with her!
We went down to the beach one day around sunset time and took some pictures of the family. I will have to share those on another post. I want to share how we ended the vacation now though.
One our way down to Florida, Steve had seen a sign for a BBQ joint that was the 7 time national champions and he talked about wanting to stop there on our way back all week. I didn't think we would be able to find it. We were almost to Athens, AL and I had given up hope. Then my mom pointed out a sign that had a Norman Rockwell picture on it. And guess what sign was below that!?! It was the sign for Big Bob Gibson's BBQ. All I see is the 7 time national champions part, so we get off the interstate and have no clue where to go! We stop at a gas station and ask directions. When we get there we realize this is the BBQ joint that we have heard our friends the Davidson's talk about - so we got our BBQ and then came home. And it was definitely worth the extra hour it added to our trip! We will be stopping there many more times!!!


Real World...

We've been on vacation the last week, so that's the reason for no blogs lately. We had a wonderful time, yet we were glad to be home and back into our routine! Emily loved the water and has almost conquered the whole swimming thing, if we would have one more week of being in the water constantly she would be completely on her own in the water. Here's a few pictures and I'll keep telling stories later (work has been crazy and that's where I tend to do my blogging).


Size doesn't matter...

So as many of you know we have 3 dogs. Two shitz su's and one boxer. They range in size from 5 pounds to about 35 pounds. The other day I had gotten them all chew bones. Little bones for the two smaller dogs and big bones for the larger dog. Well, when I looked out later, Gracie (our smallest one) had the big bone and Makayla, our boxer (the 35 pound one) had a smaller bone. Any time that Makayla would try to get the big bone Gracie would growl and scare Makayla! I guess it goes to prove that size doesn't mater! I had to take pictures so that Steve would believe me!