Big New Adventure...

I have a big announcement to make!!  I'm so excited about this!! 

I'm officially a Mary Kay consultant!  

I have used their skincare and foundation. But, honestly, it had been a long time since I had used them. Now I'll be using all their products!

I have been using the skincare and foundation for three weeks now. And I cannot tell you how amazing my skin feels!

So, who wants me to come share these awesome products with them???



Okay, enough about Emily growing up! All that talk had me depressed!!

Now onto something exciting the girls were able to do....horse back riding!

A friend from church had asked Steve to help their son with baseball.  And of course Steve was all about it!!!  He definitely LOVES him some baseball...I think there's a possibility he has slept with his glove before, just so he could dream about baseball!

The trade off for helping their son is the girls can go horseback riding on our friend's horse.  They were SO excited!  In fact, Elaina woke up asking to go first thing that morning. It was hard for her to understand she had to go to school first!

And of course, Daddy did good and sent me a couple of pictures!

Don't they look adorable up there on that horse!!!  This might end up being some expensive baseball lessons that turn into the girls taking riding lessons!

And it's official...

She is all grown up and there's not one thing I can do about it!  She now has her ears pierced!  What's next!?!?!

She did great! Elaina, not so much.  I guess we'll wait until she's a little older.  At least I still have one baby left.  Well, maybe not a baby, but close enough!


Wordless Wednesday

How can it be true...

Somehow we know have a 4th grader!!!! I'm really not sure where the time has gone!!!

I know I'm about a week late on this...I think it's the fact that I'm trying to get a grip on myself!

This year was the most emotional drop off for me yet!  Knowing this is more than likely the last year I get to walk her in on the 1st day of school has made it hard. Next year I'll have a middle schooler and a kindergardener! How is that possible!?!?!

Here's pictures of Emily on the 1st day.  She looks so grown up and mature!

One last note about the 1st day of school...we weren't able to make it to Parent Night, so we didn't meet her teacher until that 1st morning.  When we introduced ourselves, Mrs. Byrum said "Emily, I'm so excited to have you in my class. I've heard great things about you." I'm definitely one proud momma!


Paint, paint, and more paint...

At the end of August, we are hosting a baby shower for a sweet new arrival.  In order to get ready for a bunch of women celebrating at my house, there are lots of projects on my list! That's part of the fun of hosting, your "honey do list" gets done!

First on the list is something I've wanted to do since we got our kitchen table! And I'm in love with it!

After painting the table, I had the bug again! 

Thanks to one of my friends at work, Emily got a new bed. So I decided to get her some new bedding and make her room a little more "mature". As much as that whole sentence breaks my heart, she was super excited!

As always, I forgot the before picture. So, here's some in the middle of it all pictures!

And here's the after pictures!!! I still need to paint her desk and need to find a white dresser and a different chair.  But I was about over paint by the time I got it all complete! 

She was ecstatic with it all!!!

When little hands get on my phone...

Elaina loves to get my phone and play games on it.  And every time I go through my pictures after she's had it, I always get a smile on my face!  Here's just a sampling of the pictures I see:

Don't worry...she doesn't know she's making the infamous duck face!!!  She has lip gloss on is puckering up for the camera! 😊