Okay, enough about Emily growing up! All that talk had me depressed!!

Now onto something exciting the girls were able to do....horse back riding!

A friend from church had asked Steve to help their son with baseball.  And of course Steve was all about it!!!  He definitely LOVES him some baseball...I think there's a possibility he has slept with his glove before, just so he could dream about baseball!

The trade off for helping their son is the girls can go horseback riding on our friend's horse.  They were SO excited!  In fact, Elaina woke up asking to go first thing that morning. It was hard for her to understand she had to go to school first!

And of course, Daddy did good and sent me a couple of pictures!

Don't they look adorable up there on that horse!!!  This might end up being some expensive baseball lessons that turn into the girls taking riding lessons!