Size doesn't matter...

So as many of you know we have 3 dogs. Two shitz su's and one boxer. They range in size from 5 pounds to about 35 pounds. The other day I had gotten them all chew bones. Little bones for the two smaller dogs and big bones for the larger dog. Well, when I looked out later, Gracie (our smallest one) had the big bone and Makayla, our boxer (the 35 pound one) had a smaller bone. Any time that Makayla would try to get the big bone Gracie would growl and scare Makayla! I guess it goes to prove that size doesn't mater! I had to take pictures so that Steve would believe me!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Just doing a little "blog surfing" today, and stumbled upon your site. I wanted to leave a quick note, and let you know how much I liked your page. Take care!! :-)

ps.. great template - it looks familiar.
Eric from the Speedcat Hollydale Page