My Baby is Nine....

I can't believe that 9 years ago I have birth to a 9 pound baby. And then I actually got to bring her home! That little bundle of joy has changed me in so many ways, mostly for the good ☺

I love this little first born of mine SO much!

For her party we decided to do a Glamping Party! It's like camping but all girlified!

To be honest, I didn't have the energy and/or time to put the party together like I normally do. But it still turned our great!

We had a tent in the backyard and a fire in the fire pit for s'mores!  The girls started off with a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.  Then we roasted some hot dogs. And of course had awesome birthday cake!!  

Honestly, I think we could have just put up a tent, and they would have loved it!

All in all, it was a great time had by