And the festivities continue...

Today is Emily's actual birthday and as I've said before she celebrates her birthday for a week! When she was 1 we started the tradition of having a birthday cupcake for breakfast, so we couldn't keep up tradition. She then had doughnuts when she got to school for her school "goodie" (she got to pick it out). Today is going to be an exciting day for her - Pepaw & Memaw came to pick her up from school this morning. They are going to swim and spend some time outside playing, then I'm going to meet them at Grear Stadium to catch the Sounds play a little bit of baseball! I can't believe that my little baby is getting so big!!! This morning she kept asking me if she was three now & kept reminding me that now she can chew gum (I didn't set that rule so I don't know where she got that idea because she chews gum pretty much every day). I was talking to a friend today about how it feels like yesterday that she was a little baby, yet then it feels like she's been around forever. I can't imagine what my life meant before I had her. What did I do with my time? I would never trade my sunshine for anything!