Life Father like Daughter...

Until Steve, I had never known someone who could make their birthday last for at least a week...and now I realize our daughter is just like him! Her birthday is not until July 12, which is this coming Thursday, yet she started the celebration festivities on Saturday night. My Aunt Becky and Uncle Boo sent Emily her birthday card and inside it was the first of many gifts for Miss Emily. She has been begging me to go to Chucky Cheese's, and like many other mom's I just hadn't broken down yet. So, being the sweet Aunt and Uncle that they are, they sent her a gift card to Chucky Cheese's. And of course Emily, being three, is not very patient. Steve and I had to end up taking her on Saturday. It was a really great night for us to spend together as a family! She had so much fun!!!! Thanks Aunt Becky & Uncle Boo!
Stay tuned for pictures of the remainder of the week's festivities!!!