More Birthday....

This past weekend Emily and I went to Ktown and it just happened to be my niece's birthday. It was a great weekend, even though I didn't get much sleep!
The highlight of the weekend was Kristin's birthday party!!!
She had a Karaoke party! Now most of us would think get a karaoke machine and have it at the house. Not my sister! There is an actual karaoke place close to Knoxville that does birthday parties. We need one of these in Nashville! (If we already do and I just don't know about, please tell me where it is - Emily would love to have a party there some day!)

It was so much fun! Emily actually was the first one on the stage, and I'm actually a little surprised about that. Although, I really don't know why! She, of course, sang Hannah Montana songs. She so loved it! The first time she got on the stage she wasn't too excited, she had just woken up from her 15 minute nap! So, as you know from a previous blog, she wasn't really happy just yet.

But eventually, she woke up and started to have a lot of fun with all the girls that were at the party. They all sang and danced. Heck, I even got up and danced when the Cha Cha Slide came on. I don't sing, but I will embarrass myself doing some dancing!

Here's some pictures of all the kids having fun:

These are my cousin's boys. They are precious and so much fun! I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with them, so it was great being able to see Emily hanging out with them! By the way - look at how Emily is sitting! She is such the ham!

Okay, that's it for now and I will post more of Emily signing next!