A Natural...

Okay, I know I've talked a lot on this blog about Emily singing and dancing. But, I've never seen her on stage before. She really hasn't had an opportunity to perform in front of a large audience. So, this past weekend was the perfect opportunity to gage whether or not she was really going to be the big performer we thought she was going to be.
I so wish I had a video of her singing! (Candy if your reading this - can you pass along the one you have?)
The picture above is of her flipping her hair out! So much SASS! I love it! She was singing "Best of Both Worlds" and at a certain part in the chorus, she would flip her hair out. And it was at the same part everytime! And to top it all off, she was shaking her little hips to the beat! In fact, she never missed a beat!

Emily was the youngest person to get on the stage while we were there. In fact, she had more nerve than the older girls! I hope she keeps her courage and doesn't start getting embarrassed in front of crowds!

The picture above is of her dancing. She was definitely cutting a rug! So, do you think we have a natural talent on our hand? I'm thinking singing and dancing lessons are going to be instead of softball and basketball! Who would have thought Steve and I would have a little prissy girl!!! So, when are kids able to start taking lessons like that? Someone please help me - I'm so out of my league!!!!


Maria said...

Power blogging are we? :-) Emily is so cute. I hope I get the chance to say "I knew her when". However, not having a girl, I know NOTHING about these lesson things. Find out and let me know for future reference, ok? :-)

Lindseyb said...

let her take dance now! i would wait a bit for voice lessons though! she is so precious! i have got to see a video of her cutness!

Michelle said...

A natural! Look out HM!