Okay, so I got to the downloading of pictures quicker than I thought. So, here you go...

This Elaina with Dr. Burch. He is the best doctor in the world!!! He's been my doctor for 9 years now and has seen me through so much!

Emily is so proud to be a big sister! She was the first in the family to hold her! She actually did really good and was very sweet with Elaina. Here's another one, Emily is moving the blanket back to check everything out:

I was so excited that my sister was able to be here for the birth, and Steve's Grandma Phyllis was in from CA. It was definitely a hen party! Steve was the only male at one time!

We have lots of more visitors that have come or are coming and I will update more either tonight or tomorrow. Steve actually has to go to work for a few hours tomorrow, so I will probably be blogging while he's gone.