So many things to do...

so little time to do them!!! As you can tell, I have taken a little break from blogging this summer. We've had so much going on, I haven't really had time to even think about blogging.
Well, Kelly from http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ has brought me out of my blogging sabbatical. Kelly has been doing a special blog every Friday this summer. It started with Show Me Where You Live. This Friday she decided to do Children's Party. It just so happens we just celebrated Emily's 5th Birthday and we had an awesome Diva Party. It was our 1st sleep over and we had so much fun! Here's some pictures:
The Invite:
We decided to do a dress up party with a fashion show. I had the bonus room made into their dressing room:

I had 3 stations set up. 1 - jewlery 2 - purses/shoes 3 - make up, and then I had the dresses on the clothes rack and a full length mirror so the girls could check themselves out. They had so much fun getting dressed and posing for me. The cool thing is the jewlery was my mom's & my grandmother's, so they had a special part in the day too. I let them put their own make up on, which an adventure in itself.

Then we headed down stairs for the fashion show. My niece Kristin gave all the girls a "catwalk lesson" before we headed down. They did so great!

Look at my little rock star!!!!

Here's the runway:

The goody bags (or as Emily pointed out - they are boxes not bags):

And now my favorite part! The table setting. I had a friend make the cake and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! I made "champagne" (fruit punch & ginger ale).

And I definitely can not post about the fashion show with out this picture - of course Steve had to get into the action!


Maria said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I may mentally save that idea for Ellie when she's (MUCH) older. I hear she and Ellie are going to become really good friends this fall. *smile* You'll love having her there. I do!! I miss seeing you. I have TONS of headbands for you (Ellie has grown out of them) if you want them.