Update on Girls...

since I've been out of the loop on the whole blogging thing, I thought I would give an update on the girls. And share a little bit about what each of them is like at this age.
I can not believe how big they both are getting! We just went for Emily's 5 year check up, and got her all immuned up for school :). She finally weighs 40 lbs. and is 41 inches tall. She's still only in the 50% for her age. So, even though she looks SO big to me, she is really not that big yet.
Of course, she is so full of drama. In fact, our pediatrician asked me if we were planning on getting her into drama/acting. I don't really know where she gets it. Oh, who am I kidding, we all know where she gets it from! :) She has such a big heart! I think she would bring home every stray animal she sees and any new person she meets. She definitely is a social butterfly! She is SO excited about starting kindergarten! We're all hoping there are certain friends that are not put in the same class at school - I think we need to warn the teachers!
I can not believe that 5 years ago God blessed me with such a wonderful daughter! I never knew I could love having a daughter so much!!!! She has changed me in so many ways and I would never want to be that old me again!

Elaina is almost 6 months old! Where has the time flown? Elaina is my little girl! At 4 months old she was only 13.5 lbs and 14 inches tall. I can not believe how little she is! She is just now in 3-6 months clothes. It's insane - Emily was in 3-6 months clothes at 3 months. Elaina is starting to sit up by herself. She is constantly smiling and laughing!!! It's hilarious! She actually starts this grunting thing when she's holding onto her toys - it's like she's getting mad at her toys and telling them about it. She's started eating cereal and food. But she definitely would rather have real food. She loves popsicles (sugar free).

The best things about our two girls - they absolutely love each other! Every time Emily walks into a room Elaina lights up and smiles and laughs. Emily is such an awesome big sister! She always helps out and has even changed a few diapers for us. I'm so thankful God made Emily & Elaina sisters! I pray they continue to love and adore each other forever! My sister is one of my best friends, always has been. I hope my girls will have the same bond as we had!

Stay tuned - I'm going to catch up on all the blogging. There's been so much going on - lots of trips, house projects, and family fun!