Fall Break...

well as you can tell I'm a little late in posting this, but man oh man we have been SO busy...
Emily had such a great Fall Break...and to be honest Steve and I had an awesome break from parenthood. Emily & Elaina spent a couple of days with his parents and a couple of days with my parents, so it was like we were child free all week. We missed them something terrible, but man it was a nice break.
Not only did Emily & Elaina go to my parents, so did my niece & nephew. So, they did lots of fun things for Fall Break.
They started their time together with going to an incredible breakfast at the Loveless Cafe. It's a little eating place that's pretty famous around Nashville. They apparently all loved it.
Emily has alsways told me she wants to be an ice skater when she grows up, and Franklin has an ice skating rink that has open skating. So, they all went to check it out. They had a BLAST! And Emily is asking me when she can go back.

Did you notice how wet the bottom of her jeans are!?! That cracked me up!

As you can tell, Elaina had a blast too!

The next day they wanted to do something outside, so they drove out to Montgomery State Park & saw some of the fall landscape.

Then once they got home they decided to go by an apple orchad and get fresh apples to make apple butter with. When we were kids we made apple butter every year, and it's always been one of my favorites, so I was so glad Emily was able to make some.

And the best part of this is that we already have our teacher Christmas gifts! They made some in smaller jars for us to give to Emily's teacher!

As you can tell, they all had a blast!