First Time for Everything...

Friday night, Steve made me aware of something I never would have guessed. He's never carved a pumpkin before. So Friday night, we changed that! I have been putting off carving pumpkins with Emily for as long as I could. I've always thought it would be more trouble than it's worth. And we aren't at home on Halloween, so why would we have carved pumpkins? But this year Emily was really wanting to carve one, so I gave in.
We invited Sam & Holly over, and had thought we were going to make some pumpkin pie while we were at it. After some research online, we decided against the pie, but we did do some pumpkin seeds. Holly & Sam, both, ended up really being a big help with the carving & cleaning out of the pumpkins.
Emily was so exhausted from her week at school, she ended up falling asleep before we finished the carving.
Steve did a great job! For a first time, Emily picked out a VERY challenging design for the pumpkin. But he did it all, and it turned out incredible!