What we've been eating around here...

So now that I'm trying to stick to the healthy lifestyle, there's been some changes in our purchasing of groceries and exactly how we cook those groceries.

One of the main things I've been trying to do is cook on the weekends so we have some stuff we can grab and go.  Since we are crazy busy during the week, it's hard sometimes to stop and make something for a snack on the way to school, work, church, baseball practice, etc...  But the stuff you buy already prepackaged is SOOOO unhealthy.  I found several recipes (thanks Pinterest) that I have tried with some success.  I've made an oatmeal bake (which was great but ended up molded after just a couple of days).  I've made a batch of no flour/no sugar cookies, which weren't bad, but a little rubbery.  And I've made homemade, whole wheat pop tarts....

They didn't taste too bad, to me...but I didn't even try to get the girls to eat them.  The whole wheat flour has a grainy texture to them and I knew they wouldn't like them.  I'm going to try them again with maybe some coconut or almond flour.
I'm also trying to change my lunches up.  I normally go out to lunch with folks from the office, but we all know that can be just as unhealthy as the processed food from a box.  And it can be $$$ and I'm trying (trying is the key word) to not spend as much money.
So this is what my lunch looks like now...

That would be a spinach salad with chicken, blue cheese, cranberries and balsalmic vinegarette dressing.  And a sweet potato on the side.  With a water and apple for dessert.  This isn't the best meal for you, as there's a few too many carbs and not a good fat, but it's a start.
I'll share more recipes as I come across some that are too good to pass up!