Paint, paint, and more paint...

At the end of August, we are hosting a baby shower for a sweet new arrival.  In order to get ready for a bunch of women celebrating at my house, there are lots of projects on my list! That's part of the fun of hosting, your "honey do list" gets done!

First on the list is something I've wanted to do since we got our kitchen table! And I'm in love with it!

After painting the table, I had the bug again! 

Thanks to one of my friends at work, Emily got a new bed. So I decided to get her some new bedding and make her room a little more "mature". As much as that whole sentence breaks my heart, she was super excited!

As always, I forgot the before picture. So, here's some in the middle of it all pictures!

And here's the after pictures!!! I still need to paint her desk and need to find a white dresser and a different chair.  But I was about over paint by the time I got it all complete! 

She was ecstatic with it all!!!


Colleen said...

Love the table! And the frames on the wall behind Emily's bed! So creative!