More Wedding Events....

See, I'm telling you I'm all out of wack! Here are some pictures from the rehearsal. We had gotten Emily a t-shirt that said Flower Girl in rhinestones. It amazes me how much a little sparkle on something makes her so happy!!
I think this is about the time Emily started falling in love with Grant!
I have more pix from the bachelorette party coming too!
I went to the doctor today and on Sept 11 we will have our ultrasound and hopefully will find out if it's a boy or girl! That is if the baby is cooperating - which hasn't happened everytime we've gone for the heartbeat! So, say some prayers for us! (not only that we find out the baby is healthy - but that our baby will cooperate during it's life!)


Maria said...

Well, if it's already being difficult, I'm going ahead and calling it -- it's a boy. :-)

Michelle said...

No, most girls are difficult. At least Cate was. Maybe it's just her...duh! I am counting the days until the 11th!