Back to Living...

Well, it seems most of my sickness has worn off. So, I'm back to blogging. I'm back to about 80% or 90% of what I normally at. There's still a few times during the day, where I just don't feel very good, but other than that I'm okay. So, my question for the day is this: What does a 4 year old put on to go see MeMaw & PePaw to go to the fair?

Her princess tiaras, her birthday girl sash, and her magic wand: of course!

I have lots more pictures and will try to update in the next few days. Hopefully, I will even have a belly shot, just so you can see how big I'm getting already! I don't know that I'm ready for this!


Michelle said...

Yea! No more icky-sicky! Let's see some belly shots!

Maria said...

Sweetie, that's not a belly you have yet -- it's a little "pooch". Love the Princess Goes to the Fair look!!! Can't wait until U/S time!! Glad you are feeling better. HUGS!!