Let the nesting begin...

It seems I have hit the nesting stage of the pregnancy. This weekend all I could think about was getting the room ready for Elaina and making room for her things. Emily and I worked on cleaning out her toy box on Saturday. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier. She has been so good about keeping all her toys put away and keeping them organized while she has them out. She had a ton of Polly Pockets and Little Pet Shop stuff, so I just put each set into it's own Ziploc baggie. Now all she has to do is get out whatever bag it is she wants to play with and then put it all back in the bag when she is done. It has been a life saver! No more little pieces thrown every where you turn. We ran out of time before we could get to her dress up drawers, which includes make up and purses. So, that is on the agenda for next weekend. This is probably going to be the toughest task probably. Who knew that my daughter would own more bags/purses than me!!! Since I am the queen of bags! And once the dress up drawers are finished, we are going to be moving onto the bonus room closet, which is not only Emily's stuff, but mine and Steve's too. I also worked in the nursery this weekend. I've folded up clothes and put them in the chest. The crib is ready. We want to get a different crib sheet since we're having Elaina and not Elijah. I want a chocolate brown one, but I haven't seen one yet. So, we may have to stick to cream. We picked up my Grandaddy's chest from my parents a week ago, so it's in there. And I've been finding little knick knack's to add some fun to the room. I've got lots of ideas for the walls and stuff, but I haven't gotten that far yet. We still need a changing table. I'm looking for a cream one, so if anyone out there knows where I can find one on a budget let me know. So, here are the pictures:

This is Grandaddy's chest. It was actually his dad's, so that will make it Elaina's great-great grandaddy's. I love the fact that she has a piece of our family history in her bedroom. Especially because I feel like she is God's way of giving my family hope during probably the worst year my family has been through since I was a little girl.

I'm planning on painting the mirror cream and distressing it. The lamp is going to hopefully be replaced with a very frilly, grilly lamp. And maybe a little silver tea set or something else very girly, if I can find it.

These are two of my finds from Home Goods. They have a ton of stuff that I liked for the room. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping there in the months to come. The funny thing about the giraffe - that's what people used to call me in middle school because of my freakishly long neck. I hated it and it would upset me so much - but now, I just laugh about it and love my freakishly long neck. So, when we decided to use the animal print bedding, I decided we had to have a few giraffe accents to go along with it.

This is the crib, of course, like you couldn't tell that. I'm going to do Elaina's monogram over it. Along with two picture frames on each side. I'm going to try to find some animal print ribbon to hang the frames from and have people sign the mats when they visit her for the first time.

This is an outfit Emily picked out for her baby sister. She was so excited, so I had to share. I hope everyone liked the nursery update. If you happen to have any cute ideas for making it a little bit more girly, I'm all ears.


Michelle said...

Looks great! I am surprise you put an elephant in her room. You know what they stand for!

Maria said...

I LOVE the Ellie-phant for her room, of course! You've been so busy I'm tired reading about it. Of course, I'm just tired in general. :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to the airport. That was SO NICE of you and I really appreciate it. I can't wait to meet Elaina! She and Ellie can be the "Two El's" :-)

Kim and Chris said...

Talked to Steve today, and he said to check out your blog. I'm so happy for you all that your new little girl is doing well and will be here soon. By the way, I love the name Elaina and the nursery looks great! -- Kim

The Shrewsbury's said...

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