Emily's 1st Performance...

There's been plenty of talk on this here blog about Emily and her love of the stage. Here's her premiere! She was so excited when she found out she was going to be performing in our church's children's choir Christmas production! (WOW that was a mouth full)And she was over the moon when she found out she would have a small solo.
I actually am in the adult choir. Okay, I'll give you a second to compose yourself after all that laughter! I really enjoy it, and no I won't be singing a solo anytime soon. But it's a great way to praise our Lord!
So, I was busy trying to get all our stuff together because we were going to be at the church basically all day that Sunday and completely forgot my camera.
Thank goodness Emily had her fan base there! Holly took pictures for me so that I could have proof of Emily's premiere. Thanks Holly!

This is right when she first came out and saw her fans in the audience. Of course she had to give them props by waving to them!

This is a shot of the whole group. The kids were awesome & they had such a blast singing!

This was when she decided to start dancing to the music which made me laugh out loud a little bit. She is just like her mom and dad - can't sit still when the music is going!

This is Emily & Cate not doing what they are supposed to be doing, but can't you feel the love between them!?!

Probably my favorite part of the night was this:

They were supposed to stand back to back, but they thought they could do it better. So, they locked their arms together. These girls CRACK ME UP!!! We need prayers now for what is going to happen when they are teenagers!

And just so we can end with a laugh - here's proof of me singing in the choir: