Top 10...

I follow lots of blogs and several of them had a count down type deal to end 2009. So, I thought I would do something too. This year has been a roller coaster of a year. There's been great things happen (considering I gave birth to a sweet little girl) and some not so great things (do I need to remind you I received a call when that sweet little girl was only 2 weeks old saying my house was basically demolished?).
So here's our list for 2009:
1. The birth of our precious little Elaina AnnMarie!

What more can be said. The Lord has blessed us so much with the two little girls he has given us!

2. The Flood of '09 (It still seems like a dream)

This is only a small part of the damage. Being out of our home with a 2 week old was a very difficult time. But luckily Steve's parents were incredible and opened their home to us.

3. Registering Emily for Kindergarten

We can't believe it was time for Emily to get ready to go to school! She was able to take a tour of the school & meet some of the teachers. It was so exciting to see where she was going to be going to school.

5. Our 1st Road Trip!

Our friends John & Nikki were transferred to Oklahoma and we volunteered to help them get moved. This is the view Nikki, Emily, Elaina & I had for 22 hours. It was a crazy weekend, but was a great farewell to such good friends!

6. Our trip to VEGAS!!!

Steve won a trip through Toyota and it was such a fantastic few days. I don't know that I've ever gone on that little bit of sleep! The shopping was my favorite part (of course)! We stayed at Caesars Palace and there was a 4 story "mall" with all designer stores. I actually had to pick my mouth up off the floor when I saw it!

7. Mom & Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary on June 9th. We celebrating by all going to Seagrove Beach. We've been going there for several years and this trip was just as great as the rest. It was a great time of relaxation, GREAT food, and lots of family time.

8. Emily's 1st day of School

This is true Emily! It makes me so happy when her personality comes out! She has loved school and she is doing so great!

9. Steve's 30th Birthday

Are you feeling lucky? Steve was! I threw Steve a surprise birthday party for his 30th birthday. It was so much fun! We had a blackjack tournament, and everyone got into it. Even the girls.

10. My sister moved to Franklin

I know it's not been an easy transition for her and her kids, but selfishly I love it. (Not that I love she is going through hard stuff, just that she is here). My entire adult life, I've wanted to have her closer. She has always been my rock and it's great having that rock closer now.

Well that ended up being more positives than negatives. I guess it is good to take an inventory of sorts. We here at Casa de Barrios hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!