Tacky Christmas Sweaters...

We had our 1st annual tacky Christmas sweater party this weekend. It was som much fun! Our plan was for a stress free party - just come dressed in a tacky sweater and bring a little something to eat. No gift exchange, no stressing about anything. It was perfect! To see what everyone came up with was so funny! We voted at the end of the night and Sam was the winner, but I think Steve's was the funniest!

This is what the guys did all night:

We are definitely doing it again next year - but I'm going to start my search for the perfect tacky sweater much earlier!

Needless to say, we have been so busy we haven't been able to breathe because we've been so busy. But we have a very long weekend coming up, so maybe I'll be able to catch you up on all the doings of Casa de Barrios!


Sam and Holly said...

Ahem...special thanks to Holly for downloading these wonderful pictures for me to use on my blog!! :)