Relaxing Day...

The day after Christmas Steve was off, so we decided it would be a pajama day! We invited our friends Andrew, Kenya, and Kooper over to watch football with us. It was such a good day! We relaxed, no one cooked, no one cleaned...just total relaxation. The kids had a blast! I love seeing the kids all playing and getting along.
I will say, I know why God blessed us with girls. I don't know if I could keep up with 2 boys. Kooper never slowed down. As you can tell, I had a hard time getting a picture of him because he kept moving around on me!

Elaina, of course, was in all the cords in the bonus room. I've never seen a baby so obsessed with cords!

Then she just had to show off how good she is standing up on her own!

See - I told you he wouldn't stand still! Emily was playing music and he was doing his "booty shake". It was absolutely hilarious!!!