Date Night...

As you married folks know, it's important to always take time out to date your spouse. No matter what's going on, you always need to take time away from everyday life and spend quality time with each other.
During Christmas break, Emily and Elaina spent lots of time with Grandparents. One of those nights, we decided to have a double date with Sam & Holly. It was even a "school" night and everything!
We met up at Chili's and ate dinner. Then the boys decided they wanted to go to Best Buy because they both had gift cards, and us girls went to Target to kill the time.
Then we went back to Sam & Holly's and hung out for a few minutes (actually only stayed long enough for Steve to open his new toy - it was really late for a school night).
It was so much fun to just get out and do something with the kids in tow! I think I'm going to make that a New Year's Resolution - to have more date nights with my husband!