4th of July...

Better late than never, right!
Last year we met up with some of our friends and watched the fireworks in Nashville. Since we all had so much fun, even though it poured down rain the entire time, we decided to do it again.
This year we planned it out a little better and had 3 tents, just in case of rain! We got there super early so we could beat the crowd.
So I brought lots of things to keep the girls occupied, because knew they would get restless before the show began!
Emily & Elaina basically taking a bath in the bubbles we brought!

I also brought Elaina's tricycle and Emily's scooter to ride.

Little did I know the big boys would enjoy them as much as the girls!

We also brought corn hole, which kept everyone busy! They had a championship game and everything!
Emily and Elaina got in on the action. You can just see the pure joy on Elaina's face because she knew she was doing something she shouldn't!

Emily did what she does best - she bummed cotton candy from Josh! Sucker! Can't believe he fell for her charm!
Holly and I hangin out under one of the 3 tents.

All in all, it was a great day with great food, great friends, and great fireworks!

Definitely going to be a tradition at Casa de Barrios!