Big, Big New for Casa de Barrios....

Steve and I have had a little secret we've been holding in since we came back from Puerto Rico.
And it is going to change our lives for forever!
And no, I'm not pregnant!!!
(somehow everytime I make the announcement about our secret that's what everyone thinks!)
I'll give you a little background about the story, because it's pretty amazing, before I tell the secret. I know, I know, it's a pretty mean thing to do, but I like keeping the suspense going a little longer!
It's been pretty much since we were married, which has been almost 6 years, when I started praying for a career change for Steve. Before you start judging, let me explain. Steve has been in the car business for like 12 years. And as much as he, opps we, love the opportunites it has granted us, it really takes away A LOT of family time. On most nights, he doesn't get home until after the girls are in bed. And that's just not fair to him or the girls.
So, as we prepared for Puerto Rico, we both asked God to completely change us. Including our addiction to our material things and our financial stability. We asked Him to change our views and to open our eyes to how fortunate we are to be a family. And to show us ways we could change our day to day life in order to have a stronger family and more time to commit to His calling.
And wouldn't you know it - as soon as we turned it over to God - He made the change for us!!!
One of the guys who went on the trip with us, and was actually on our crew, was Jeff Haskins. We've known him and his family for awhile, but on this trip he and Steve got to know each other a lot better. So, when we came back, Jeff just mentioned to Steve about possibly coming into the HVAC sales industry. And through God's timing it is happening in a week!
In one week, we will be able to sit down and have dinner together as a family!
In one week, Steve gets to sleep in on Saturdays and watch morning cartoons with the girls!
In one week, I just might be able to go to the grocery store with no kids!!!
In one week, Steve and I will be able to have date night at normal hours instead of 10 o'clock at night!!!
In one week, my family will be able to be a "normal" family!!! (what ever "normal" means)
So, this is just proof that when you put "stuff" in God's hands, He will take care of it!!!