Another Before & After...

A few weeks ago, Holly and I hit up some yard sales to see what we could find. It was a great day! I found lots of projects to work on!
The first one was for our front porch. We had some wicker chairs passed down to us by my mom. And I love them, but they were a little too big for our little front porch. So, when I laid my eyes on these cute little chairs, I couldn't pass them up. Especially since they were $5 a piece!
Okay, now you are supposed to pretend there are two ginormous wicker chairs here. I was in such a hurry to put them away I forgot to get a "real" before pic. So you are going to have to use your imagination!

Now this is the during. I ran out of time to add any fun stuff to the table. Eventually, I would like to replace the table with a rolling cart kind of thingy and have lots more plants/flowers. But for now, this will have to do.

After a few days, I decided to shop the house to see what I might have to put out here. Just to make it look a little "homier". And this is the outcome:

Cost Breakdown:

Chairs $10

Paint $6

Fabric $2

Total: $18

Not too bad! There's so much more coming. My attic is full with lots of projects just waiting for me to find the time to do them!


Debbie said...

I adore the fun whimsical color...and yes it does look homey too!~ I am having a before and after party today and do every other Wednesday. Also, I see you are into thrifting...well every Friday I have a garage salen party you may really enjoy. Hope to see you soon would lvoe to have ya. Debbie

decor4poor@blogspot.com said...

I love how bright and cheery your porch is. I love turquoise. Nice..