Update on Casa de Barrios....

...since it's been so long, I thought I would post a short update on all things happening in Casa de Barrios the past two years...watch out, lots of pictures and most of them are from my long lost iphone.

Here goes nothing:

Emily started the 2nd Grade.  And started an sassy attitude at the same time.

Steve played and coached a lot of baseball, which meant lots of time spent at the ballpark.

Lots of dress up and play time.  And goodness gracious, so glad the "wah-wah", or pacifier for those not in the Barrios clan, is gone!!!!

Lots of weddings...

And a few new babies...

Ran our first 1/2 marathon.

Second trip to Puerto Rico.

We are officially potty trained!  YAY!!! No more diapers!

That almost wraps up our last 2 years.  You'll see some of these things in more detail in future posts and a few other posts from the past couple years I didn't include (like some partying!!).

Hope you didn't get too bored with all the pictures!