Busy Days....

So, I haven't been very good about blogging lately. It seems that we have been going non-stop lately, so I haven't had any time to get on here. I have been keeping up with the whole planning out menus and sticking to them. It actually is not as hard as I thought it would be, it helps me not stress about what's for dinner. I haven't taken any pictures of the food though, it hasn't been as "pretty" as what I thought it would be. I'm clipping coupons and trying to come up with different things to do in order to save us money. We are really trying to look at our budget and start trying to figure different ways to help out with our savings account. We don't really have a lot of debt, so it's really hard to figure out ways to stop spending as much. I have found some great websites that give good ideas. Here's a few:
I'm still working on organizing the house. And I've been successful so far. I'm probably midway through my scrapbook/bill organization. Here's the picture:

John and Nikki gave us the desk and I'm on the hunt for a bookcase. I am planning to make an inspiration board to go above the desk and I have several "pretties" to put in my corner. Of course, I will need a different chair too. I should have this completed in the next week or so. Then my next project is this:

Steve's closet!!!! It isn't too bad. There's just no organization to the stuff other than the clothes. So look for an update.