Stella got her groove back...

I'm back!!! I had misplace, aka lost, my camera cord and so I've not been able to blog lately. Well, Saturday I realized I didn't need a camera cord after all! Yipee!! I have a memory card reader on my lap top, so I decided I would try to see if it worked with my camera. And lo and behold it did! Double Yippe!
There has been lots of stuff going around Casa de Barrios the past few months. I can't believe it's already the end of March, wasn't it just New Year's?
This past weekend, my parents kept Elaina for us one night and we decided to have a date night with Emily. She was so excited! We were going to go see a movie, but the movie theater we wanted to go to was only showing Alice & Wonderland. And I just don't think I want my 5 year old going to see it. It just looks a little too dark for her. So, we decided to go get something to eat and go bowling.
We went to a infamous restaurant in Springfield, The Depot. Our friend, Regina, works there and we had never been so we decided to try it out. The food was fantastic and Emily loved the fact that she got to go see Regina!
After dinner we went bowling. I think the bowling alley in Springfield may just be on the top of the list for historic bowling allies in Tennessee. You could still see the smoke from years past, even though you haven't been able to smoke in there for several years. But Emily didn't care one bit. She was smiling the entire time! Then at 10, they switched it over to cosmic bowling.
What's cosmic bowling, you ask? Well, that's when they shut down the lights, turn the music up and let the disco bowls get wild. Which really made Emily happy! She started dancing while she was waiting for her turn. It was definitely cracking me up! She was thinking she was in the club or something!
The sad thing is she almost beat me, even with the bumpers up!
We then finished off the night by going to Walmart and she got to pick out a new movie. She kept saying "This is the best night EVER!" I think we need to do this more often!