Snow Days...

if you live anywhere in the US, you know just how crazy this winter has been. I've lived in Tennessee all my live and honestly, I don't remember ever having this much snow!!! Emily hasn't been to school a full week since Christmas thanks to the snow...it's really getting a little old! And I don't think I've worked a full week (which is definitely not a good thing). In fact, the other night, Emily said she wanted to move to a place where it's warm all the time.
We have definitely had fun in the snow though. The first snow was a BIG snow. I think we had about 7 inches of snow outside our house. It was crazy!!! It started on Friday and I don't think it stopped coming down for a couple of days. Friday night we had Holly, Sam, Lindsay, and John come over to play in the snow. Holly & Sam packed up Bailey, the wonder dog, and just spent the night with us.
We had a BLAST!!!! Friday night we had the adult sledding time and to be honest I thought we were the biggest red necks ever!!! We took a knee board and tied a rope to the back of John's Jeep. It got even more red neck when we started blaring 70's rock music! I've never laughed so much!
Here's Steve! I was so nervous at first, but then as we went around, I realized how fun it was.

Here's Holly looking sexy! We wore the mask to try to keep the snow from pelting us in our faces - it was like a blizzard out there!

We made snow cream, drank coffee, and played Friends Scene It. It was a great snow night!!

The next day the girls got out into the snow and played. It was Elaina's first snow and she loved it! She just sat in the snow and laughed at it. It was so cold and I didn't have a hat that sat over her ears very good, so we didn't stay out too long. Emily did though, she even got to drive a 4 wheeler. She had a blast! They both slept from about 5:00 that night until the next morning because they were so pooped!

We thought this would be it for snow this year, but this was a few weeks ago and there is still snow on the ground. It's definitely an odd winter this year!


Anonymous said...

You made me miss the snow days I once had in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, the snow was all the way up to the stop signs both winters I was there, I now live in Arizona and although I love my life here, I do miss the snow from time to time. Great blogs! Stop by and follow me too ;)