More Before & After...

Here's one more and then on to the big reveal of what I've really been working on all January.
I had seen on a blog (sorry I don't remember which one or I would link to it) an idea for a wreath. I've been wanting something new for my front door, but didn't want to spend a whole lot of change on it. So,this was perfect! It definitely was a tedious job, so this is not a project for an impatient person (just a warning if you are interested in doing this as well).
This is what I used:

I also took out my second favorite thing:

Yep, that's my wonderful hot glue gun! Although by the end of the project, I wasn't very happy with it because my finger tips were burnt to a crisp!

To start the wreath you take the floral foam wreath (I found mine at Hobby Lobby & then realized you can get them at the Dollar Store for cheaper - DANG IT!). You put a row of hot glue down & then add your beans. I used pinto beans, but you can really use anything you want - nuts, candy, etc. I tried to make mine go diagonal, which for the most part they did. Here's a picture of it towards the beginning:

This is what it looks like once you get all the beans on there:

Then you take your spray paint color of choice & spray paint it. I used Green Apple. Then you take a ribbon and use it to hang the wreath. Here's the completed wreath hanging: