And it has begun...

As you can recall, I'm not really up to date on the girly things little girls like to do. I was raised playing ball, not taking dance. So, I really wasn't for sure what to do for Emily. I looked into dance lessons, but they are only during the week. And I didn't think our family could handle one more activity during the week. So, then I found out there is a gymnastics school that has classes on Saturday mornings. (Thanks Nonna and Mary!) So I decided we would try it out.
Emily was so excited!!! We actually had a leotard from her Halloween costume from 2 years ago that still fit her, so of course that's what she wanted to wear. In fact, I tried it on her Friday night and she wouldn't take it off. So, she slept in it.
We woke up early, the class was at 8:30 and I wanted to make sure she had time to eat a good breakfast since she was going to be running around a bunch. We were the first ones to arrive and she was so excited to meet Ms. Kelli, the teacher.
Of course, we had to take pictures to document the event. Although, I was feeling a little dorky, I was the only parent with a camera.
She did really good and learned lots of new things. We are definitely going to have to work on her upper body strength. She had a hard time with the hand stands. And I think we are going to have to work on her attention span, either she is definitely her daddy's girl or she was just overly excited! She had a hard time sitting still while she had to wait for her turn.
Look out Olympians of 2018!