What everyone has been waiting for...

...we are having a....
You see, the thing I feared has happened. The baby did not cooperate at all this morning during the ultrasound.
We were so excited last night and thanks to Michelle's great idea we made signs last night for a boy and a girl. That way Emily could hold the correct one up and I could let the secret out on the blog without taking away all the dignity the baby had left after the ultrasound by posting it's private parts for all the world to see on the internet.
So we are all piled into the ultrasound room and the technician (who was the same one that did the ultrasound when I was pregnant with Emily and always brags about the fact that she has never been wrong about the sex.). The tech starts with the head and Steve and I are telling Emily what everything is and pointing out the arms, the heartbeat, and then the legs and feet. So, Steve asks the tech if she can tell what the sex is. And she is like, "not with the feet and legs all bunched up like that". So, she goes out and gets Dr. Burch (who by the way, I think is the best OB-GYN in the world). And he comes in and decides to basically jump on my stomach to get the baby to move. Emily thought this was hilarious because I scream out that he better be careful because I just might use the restroom right on his table if he hit the right spot.
And even after all of that - the baby still didn't move a muscle!
So, I was all worried I was going to have to wait another month until my next appointment. But sweet Dr. Burch told me to stop by sometime next week and he would take another look to see if he could see anything.
The main thing is the baby is healthy, the heart beat was great, and the growth was right on target for where it needed to be.
I have to be honest, when we figured out the baby wasn't going to cooperate, I teared up. But then I reminded myself that we know it is healthy and that is the most important thing. I think God is trying to remind Steve and I that we don't make the plans, He does. And we need to learn to just trust in Him and He will get us through this whole thing! Thank you God for giving us a healthy BABY, regardless of what sex it is!!!
P.S. The funny thing about all this is my family has always joked about my Grandaddy and just how stubborn he was. If he got something in his head, he was doing it regardless of what anyone else said, even up until his last day on this earth. So, I think the baby is just doing what comes to him naturally because it takes after Grandaddy!!


Anonymous said...

You might have a stubborn one on your hands! Maybe she (oops! or he!) will be more cooperative next week!