Another Long Weekend...

...Memorial Day is another long weekend that I always look forward to. It seems that this year came and went so quickly. It definitely will have a different meaning to me from this point on. We started the weekend out as normal. Swimming, grilling out, and shopping. Emily loves going to Me-maw and Pe-paw's to go swimming. She doesn't really swim yet, but she loves playing in the water and floating around. These are pictures of her modeling out by the pool. She is such a ham when I get my camera out. She thinks it funny to "pose" for mommy.

She also helped Me-maw and Bonnie Jo plant some flowers around the back yard. I'm glad she's prissy and doesn't mind getting a little dirty (or should I say a lot dirty, she always has some form of dirt on her)

Here's Bonnie Jo doing what she does best! Love you Bonnie Jo!