First Baby Shower...

This weekend a couple of my dear friends asked me if I could get a baby sitter because they wanted to throw me an "unconventional" baby shower. So, sweet Holly kept Emily for a few hours so that I could meet up with Karen and Angel.
Now, many of you don't know my sweet friends, but there is definitely nothing conventional about them, so I was really curious what this "unconventional" shower was going to be like. Especially with them not know what is growing inside of me.
They definitely suprised me! We had such a great relaxing time. We started off by getting pedicures. Which was great! I'm at that point now where I'm not able to sit and bend to reach my toes good enough to paint them, so it was really nice to have someone rub my feet and then to look down and see the toes all pretty!
We then went to Angel's apartment and had an all organic lunch. You see Angel is dating a guy that lives on an organic farm and grows everything he eats. So, not only were the vegetables all fresh, the garlic was even fresh. It was amazing. We started with humus and pita bread, then we had spinach quiche, bruschetta, and a fresh salad. The feta cheese on the salad was even from the farm. It was fantastic!!!
For desert we had cupcakes which were from Whole Foods and were made with all organic ingredients. You would never have guessed it. And they were so cute too!
It was such a great time and exactly what I needed! I was able to sit and relax and catch up with Karen and Angel without interruption. No phone calls, no television, and definitely no questions from a 4 year old! It was heavenly!
They said they didn't get any "baby" gifts, since the baby decided not to reveal itself. So, instead they got the momma something. They know how much I love the beach and all things relating to the beach. And they also know Steve and I were not able to make it to the beach this summer and with the baby coming, they know we won't be getting there anytime soon. So, they brought the beach to me - they gave me a body scrub with the name "Beachside Resort" and I swear if you smell it, it takes you to a resort somewhere in Mexico and you start hearing a faint voice saying "Hola Senorita"! I've already used it and it was perfect!

Thank you so much girls! You both are such awesome friends and I couldn't imagine not having you around! I love you!


the_two-new-wheelers said...

It sound like you just had a blast.
Congrats on the baby.

The Shrewsbury's said...

You know who got to listen to the questions of a four year old....that's right! I did! You told me she asked a lot of questions and you were not lieing! It was fun though! We had a great girl outing with a cat! And she got to have a tea party at Mrs. Terri's!