Happy Belated Birthday...

I'm just now getting around to posting about Holly's Birthday. We had the intentions of celebrating her birthday and us knowing what this baby inside of me is. But, we all know how that turned out. So, we decided to celebrate Holly's birthday and us having a HEALTHY baby. We all went to Shogun's for some hibachi grill. It was so good!!! Emily had a blast and flirted with the cook (of course, everywhere we go she flirts with someone)! Here's some pictures from dinner.

And here Emily is dancing while they sang Happy Birthday to Holly:

After all the excitement of dinner, I think we were all a little slap happy. We went back to Sam & Holly's apartment for cake and presents. Holly has done so good at explaining everything that happened next, that I'm just going to let her share her story on my blog. Here are the links:




We had so much fun! I don't think I have laughed that much in a long time! Love you Holly & I hope you had a great night saying good bye to your teen years and hello to the wonderful world of twenties!