Bitter Sweet

Sunday was a bittersweet day for our church and our family.
It was Dave and LeAnn Simmerman's last day at the church! Steve and I know that through Christ they are going to do wonderful things at First Baptist Columbia, yet it is still
hard to see them make that move. Dave and LeAnn both have been great examples
of the live that Steve and I are called to lead. We are going to miss them greatly!!!!
The reason there is a little bit of sweetness to the idea of them leaving is that now Steve and I can experience just a glimmer of what full time ministry will mean for our family! It's pretty exciting to see God working through our marriage to touch others lives!
Just so you know, Dave and LeAnn, we are truly going to miss you!


Lisa said...

Hey Friend!

I just want you to know that I love checking out your blog late at night when it is quiet to keep up with my sweet friends. It is sad that this is the way families stay up to date, but we are all busy being soldiers for His kingdom. I am grateful for the example you set.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I love your blog it is som much fun reading it and keeping up with you guys. we miss you all so much. Take care!!
The Stooksbury's
p.s. Emily is so CUTE!!!!

Michelle said...

Yes, it is a sad time but I like your positive spin!

Lindseyb said...

very excited for you two!!