A Special Mother's Day...

This Mother's Day was so special to me! It was an exciting day for the whole family! Emily was dedicated at church. She was so excited to be able to get on the stage with Brother Dave...in fact as we were stepping off of the stage she told me, "but I want to sing Mommy." She was so dissapointed that she wasn't able to put on a show for everyone at the church! The best part of it was that our dear friend Danny was the one that annointed her with oil and prayed with us! It really means a lot for Steve and I to have him be the one that did it! We love you Danny!
Since it was such a special moment in Emily's life, my parents came up and went to church with us. I was taken back to my childhood standing there in that pew singing hymns with them by my side! It was truly a blessing!!!! After church, they came to the house and I cooked lunch for everyone. We then went to see Steve's Mom and Dad. I really think that Steve's mom like her gift. He went above and beyond what most guys would ever think to do. He made a shadowbox picture with a prayer, his favorite scriptures, and lots of photos of his family and his Mom. He amazed me with how it turned out! I think I have some competition now in the Scrapbooking department!
That about sums up my Awesome Mother's Day! I thank God everyday for allowing me the honor of being a Mommy and thank Him for the blessing He has given me through Emily! I could not imagine my life without her in it! I'm going to leave you with a picture of my sweet blessing and me playing around at the end of Mother's Day - it was taken after a very long family nap! I hope your Mother's Day was as special as mine!


Bryant Clan said...

she sooooo has your eyes!

Lindseyb said...

that is THE SWEETEST picture of you two! love you both!