Living with Purpose

So, my friends Sheri and John had a gorgeous baby girl on Thursday, and I went to see them on Friday night. They were at Baptist and, as many of you know, there is a Krispy Kreme straight across the street. (In fact, Mom brought me a dozen hot doughnuts the night I had Emily!) Since my friend Michelle had watched Emily so that I could visit the hospital, I thought it would be nice to take some home to her and the girls. My other friend Elizabeth ended up being there when I went to pick Emily up. So, needless to say the "three muskateers" enjoyed some heaven here on Earth.
I really do have a point to this story, I promise! I'm not just rubbing in the fact that we had Krispy Kreme's and you didn't! Just bear with me while I get to the point!
Well our church's Spring Revival started yesterday and the speaker is this awesome guy named Pat. So, during service yesterday morning, he started talking about how much he enjoys food, especially DOUGHNUTS! (which by the way, don't we all!) Then he went on to explain how a Krispy Kreme doughnut is very similar to being a Christian! We were all laughing because we had just had such a wonderful, tasteful experience with the Krispy Kremes.
It was so refreshing to be reminded that we all have a purpose here. Just like a doughnut that doesn't have the good stuff (the glaze) on it yet. We have these horrible attitudes and then Jesus (the sweet glaze) comes into our lives and it is so SWEET! Our lives are turned in another direction and we know what our purpose is!!!!
How amazing is that!?! To know that I have a purpose and that purpose is to love Jesus and to have a PASSION to be more like Him and to longing to know more about Him! There is nothing sweeter than that!


Michelle said...

I wonder what Jesus thinks about being compared to the glaze on a KK doughnut? And do they have a store in Heaven? And is there a Starbucks next door? I'll add these to my questions to ask God list!